Tuesday, March 01, 2005

When will it happen?: the Ann Coulter meltdown watch

And Crooks and Liars has the film. William Hare of Political Strategy calls it
    Coulter Ready for Psychiatric Commitment as The Media Keeps Looking the Other Way

    On a recent appearance with Hannity and Colmes Coulter’s excesses were devastated, leaving her in a position to which she is unaccustomed, that of silence. She responded to a recent statement by the Democratic Party’s new chairman, Howard Dean, in which he stated that the political battle was one of good and evil, by hammering the opposition party’s members as “treasonous, murderers and adulterers.” This is the same individual who boasted to Geraldo Rivera, “I’m not married and I’ll sleep with anyone I like” and once dated pornographer Robert Guccione Jr.

    Alan Colmes then asked her about a quote from a Republican linking Dean to al Qaeda, pressing her to denounce that comment as well. When she was unable to dodge the question and run away from Colmes, in the face of his persistent questioning she accused him of lying. Colmes reduced her to silence by staring at Coulter coldly and asking, “Are you calling me a liar?”

    Once again Coulter was reduced to silence, a very awkward position for her. At one point she turned to Sean Hannity for help. When none was forthcoming she sat in embarrassed silence. It is amazing what happens to the bold and tough talking Republican point girl when she is confronted with determined reality. She wilts on the spot.
I hope these folks keep up the pressure. One of these days I'm hoping to see tape online showing her melting away, writhing and shrieking, "What a world, what a world..."

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