Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Jimmy Carter, the traitor

I'd just like to add to this brouhaha over Powerline's comment that Jimmy Carter is "on the other side" by pointing out that this Saturday, the United States Navy will be commissioning a new nuclar powered attack submarine named after the former President.
    The Jimmy Carter is the third and final submarine of the Seawolf class.  As the most advanced submarine in the class, the Jimmy Carter will have built-in flexibility and an array of new warfighting features that will enable it to prevail in any scenario, against any threat – from beneath Artic ice to shallow water.  Differentiating the Jimmy Carter from all other undersea vessels is its multi-mission platform (MMP), which includes a 100-foot hull extension to enhance payload capability.  The MMP will enable the Jimmy Carter to accommodate the advanced technology required to develop and test new generation of weapons, sensors and undersea vehicles for naval special warfare, tactical surveillance and mine-warfare operations.

I wonder how Powerline feels about this?

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