Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Vennochi watch

Please excuse the Massachusetts-centric post, but my ongoing campaign to oust space-wasting Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi from her comfy twice-a-week spot on the op-ed page (today's atrocity here) sometimes seems like a lonely quest.

Well, backup arrives today in the form of a post on one of my very favorite Boston blogs, The Chimes at Midnight.

Glossary for the non-native:
Decaf = Mitt (aka Mittens) Romney
Tom Reilly = MA Attorney General, widely assumed to be running for governor in 2006
Morrissey Boulevard = Boston Globe
Vennochi-Lehigh crowd = Scot Lehigh, see here
    If there is one cherished myth that the modern punditariat simply adores, it is the legendary indecisive liberal. Every single democratic presidential candidate from Franklin D. Roosevelt on down to the present day has been accused of being indecisive and weak.

    That likewise goes for democratic gubernatorial candidates in the Bay State. Tom changed his mind and the mysteriously embittered Ms. Vennochi pounced-you could’ve set your watch to it. Let us not forget though, that never once has Ms. Vennochi taken time out to untangle Governor Romney’s hopelessly incoherent stem cell research policy. This would be a collection of subrational bromides and asinine assumptions designed more to please Lynchburg Virginia and not Bellingham Massachusetts. You’d think Joan might linger over this in her quest for irresolute statewide politicians.

    For that fact, she might also recall that Decaf has had some four different positions on abortion over a short four year period running the gamut from No to Yes and two other heretofore unknown points in between. Well, this IS Mitt Romney we are talking about, he DOES have this inexplicable power over the op-ediots of the Boston Globe.

    Humble Elias suspects Romney could run his own mother through a wood-chipper and still garner kudos from Morrissey Boulevard for lying down his own mulch.
    Tom Reilly on the other hand could start turning water into wine with a wave of his hand and would be bitterly denounced for promoting public drunkeness by the whole Vennochi-Lehigh crowd.
See? It's not just me.

[UPDATE]: Our cause has another supporter, K Marx The Spot
    ...this is the same op-ed page that manages to find room for not one but two vapid pieces by Joan Vennochi every week.

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