Saturday, May 10, 2008

The enemy of my friend is...?

The question of whether Obama will agree to help retire Hillary Clinton's campaign debt is an interesting one, as Karen Tumulty writes. It's also fraught.
    And then there's the nature of the Obama fundraising machine. Unlike a traditional operation, this is not one where you go to a relatively small group of jaded fat cats and ask them to open their wallets one more time. Will Obama's legions of small donors really be eager to send in another $20, $50 or $100 to make sure that Clinton's high-priced consultants are paid? Or will they consider it a betrayal of what the Obama campaign has convinced them it stands for?
I have a slightly different angle on the subject, and speak here as someone who has sporadically contributed to Obama throughout the campaign season. Would such a deal between Obama and Clinton affect his own fundraising? I may be willing to kick in money on a regular basis to help Obama get elected, but if I knew some of the money I'm sending his way was to be diverted to, say, Mark Penn, would I keep on giving?

Surely this same thought has crossed other much more politically savvy minds than mine.


DAVE BONES said...

Would you say Obama is high and dry now? I keep hearing it but I can't quite believe it..

Diane said...

High and dry in the sense of safely nominated? It seems that way, even though one is loathe to underestimate the sheer willful undead-ness of the Clintons.

I guess I'm in the same boat as you - I will believe it when I see it with my own eyes (and not through the eyes of some talking head).

mbk said...

I will continue to be nervous until his nomination is signed, sealed and delivered. (Every time McAwful or Wolfson say that "anything could happen", I get the chills. . )

I would rather eat soap than send even a penny in a direction that would help Mark Penn,