Thursday, May 08, 2008

Marc Maron returns to AAR

For three days, this week only (Tuesday, today, and tomorrow), you can hear for yourself what we Maron fanatics have been talking about. And if you like what you hear, please drop The Powers That Be a note advising them how great it would be for their bottom line to sign him on permanently in Randi's old slot.

I have nothing personally against the array of subs they've been putting in the slot, but with the exception of Sam Seder, they don't do radio very well, and are more or less lightweights (some much, much lighter than others). Seder's okay, but I personally prefer Maron.
    Engaging his audience as a storyteller, Marc is known for his incisive cultural and political commentary, mystical ruminations, and neurotic insights into human nature.
Sums it up nicely. He's in a league all his own, and I like the way listening to him stretches my brain.

A sample, Maron interviewing Robert Reich:


Jill said...

Yes, what you said. Horizontal thinker indeed. Thursday's opening riff was nothing short of brilliant. The amazing thing about Maron is that he had no radio experience prior to Morning Sedition, but two years off of a regular program, and he hasn't lost a step.

I just hate, hate, hate that the BEST chance for that slot means that at least ONE of these guys is going to get screwed by AAR. Again.

Diane said...

I hear you, Jill. I hesitated to even mention Sam Seder. It's ridiculous that they're competing for the same job, when each of them deserves his own show.

I do wonder if Maron would consider signing on with AAR again, considering how hideously they treated him the last two times.

Have you been watching the Maron v. Seder weekly (more or less) webcasts? For me, that one hour a week has been the only must-see over the past months. I don't know what it is about Maron, but even when he's whining I love listening to him!