Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Campaign notes

Seth Gitell makes an excellent point about an often overlooked aspect of Obama's political strength:
    After listening to Obama volunteers for months, I’ve come to a conclusion about one aspect of his style that really does distinguish him from Deval Patrick. Unlike Patrick, who built a grassroots political organization from the ground up, because he had to, Obama’s focus on the grassroots emanates from his sincere belief and experience as a former community organizer. Everybody is always so taken with Obama’s speaking skills, we forget about his real background, organizing. Political outfits reflect their candidates, and the strength of his organization as well as its ability to raise money come from the most solid thing this candidate has on his resume, his skill organizing neighborhoods and people street-by-street and block-by-block.
And Joan Vennochi has discovered that Michelle Obama is a strong and outspoken woman, and reacts, as she always seems to, in much the same way as a concern troll would.
    Her nose for news as sharp as ever, Joan Vennochi was soon on the case:
    VENNOCHI (3/13/96): So far, the [Kerry-Weld Senate] campaign is a personality contest, with the personalities of the candidates’ wives thrown in for good measure. And not always to Kerry’s benefit. Kerry’s wife, Teresa Heinz, gave a captivating speech last week at a fund-raiser for the Pine Street Inn. But she’s also known as the super-rich wife who parked her jeep too close to a Beacon Hill fire hydrant and who refers to her dead spouse as her husband and to her husband as John Kerry.
    Meow. Spit. Hiss. Hiss-meow!
Why is this woman still writing for the Globe? Is she really the best they can do? Really??


Anonymous said...

She always finds that link to John Kerry doesn't she?


Diane said...

It's quite a talent.