Friday, January 18, 2008

Standup facedown

When choosing a president, I'm not sure a candidate's comedic skills should rate high as a deciding factor. That said, some people should not attempt to do what nature has not equipped them for. You be the judge; I know which one made me laugh, and which one did not.

Hillary as flight attendant:

    LAS VEGAS – At a rally here tonight, Senator Barack Obama mocked his rivals about how they answered a question during the debate on Tuesday evening. (Yes, this is the same debate where the candidates bathed one another in pleasantries and compliments.)

    "Folks," he told his audience, "they don't tell you what they mean."

    He was referring to his Democratic presidential rivals, when they were asked at the MSNBC debate to state their biggest weaknesses.

    "Because I'm like, an ordinary person, I thought that they meant what's your biggest weakness?" Mr. Obama said. "So I said, 'Well, I don't handle paper that well. You know, my desk is a mess. I need somebody to help me file and stuff all the time.' So the other two they say uh, they say well my biggest weakness is 'I'm just too passionate about helping poor people. I am just too impatient to bring about change in America."

    As the room erupts in laughter, he continues: "If I had gone last I would have known what the game was. I could have said, 'Well you know, I like to help old ladies across the street. Sometimes they don't want to be helped. It's terrible.'"


beachmom said...

Hmmm ... that is one example where Hillary should have focus grouped the routine before debuting it.

When I saw Obama at YKos, I have to say that he made me laugh. He is quite naturally a very funny guy, not taking himself too seriously.

What also was cool was that some liberal org had handed out leis promoting something, and one guy had kept his on for the presidential breakout session. And Obama called on him, because, being from Hawaii, he liked that the guy was wearing a leis! This is just a tiny example of Obama just being Obama, worts and all.

Diane said...

That is something I find really appealing about Obama - his willingness to say what he's thinking. It's not that he's said anything all that gasp-inducing; it's just that he's natural. Refreshing.

mbk said...

I liked that Barack comment, too.
And I found HRC's attempt embarrassing.