Friday, January 18, 2008

Meet the new Mitt, v.6.0

A swift pivot into an ersatz John Edwards (who I find to be a tad ersatz in his own right) on the eve of the Michigan primary, and Mittens has found his true calling as a born-again, lobbyist-decrying populist.


Born again born-again-Christian didn't work for him, never mind his previously convenient guise as Mr. Social Liberal. And that's not even starting on the multiple conflicting views he held within those personas.

And we're supposed to want to vote for him because his former driver thinks he's a nice guy.

America, meet the original Nowhere Man. I'd ask the real Mitt Romney to please stand up, but really believe there is no Real Mitt Romney. He may be a good family man, but politically he's nothing but a gasbag full of whatever unrelated soundbites he thinks will win him a handful more votes.

Oh, and a salute to Glen Johnson, who "as of yesterday, ...heard Romney dissemble one too many times." In case you missed the show, here's the video.

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