Friday, December 07, 2007

Meditations on Willard Mitt

Elias has this exactly right:
    ...the nation would have to go a long ways to find a politician less trustworthy and more bereft of ideas than Willard Mitt Romney. Whether or not the Republic figures that out in time is an open question though.
The nation ignores the hard-learned lessons of Massachusetts at our collective peril. Michael Scherer gave a pretty goggle-eyed report of The Speech yesterday at Salon, and was roundly denounced by a large majority of commenters (many of whom sounded like they might have some real-life experience with the way Mitt works). Scherer was impressed by Mittens' display of emotion, imagining it showed his deep feelings of patriotism. I imagine nothing of the sort. I don't believe there has ever been a politician more willing to say or do absolutely anything in order to flim-flam the public into casting their votes for him.

He hints at just enough to let you think you know what he stands for, but believe me, you don't. Because he doesn't stand for anything at all, and certainly not for the future. If anything, he's all about a nostalgic pitch to return to the halcyon days of Father Knows Best. Know what? Ain't gonna happen.

Elias - save a spot for me on the Baja.


Elias said...

I call the Baja plan "Operation Galaxy"...the real goal is to take over the peninsula from within and set up an independent republic.
Don't worry...on Der Tag, I will call you in...

mbk said...

Thanks, Diane and Elias. You nailed it on Mitt.