Wednesday, December 05, 2007

back to our regularly scheduled political commentary...

As for yesterday's excellent 2-hour substantive NPR debate, which can be downloaded in its entirety here, I have only this to say: why are Dodd and Biden not leading in the polls? I know they don't have the big glam factor Obama and Clinton can boast of, but surely Walter Shapiro and I are not the only two people on the planet who would eagerly trade glam for the ahhhhhh (picture that as the sound one might make on putting one's slippered feet up at the end of a hard day and taking that first sip of hot tea/hot toddy) of maturity, thoughtfulness, and maybe even a certain amount of hard-won wisdom that a cumulative 66 years in government can bring.

I prefer Dodd, objecting to Biden's obsequiousness toward the credit card companies and his tendency to bloviate, but would settle for either. If I ran the world, the theme of the 2008 election would be COMPETENCE. All other factors take a back seat.

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mbk said...

I'm with you on this, Diane. Honestly, I think that, as time goes on, I understand my fellow citizens less and less.