Monday, October 29, 2007

Mark Drudge Halperin

Could Mark Halperin please just go away?


Anonymous said...

Do your research. Mark Halperin only appears partisan to those who are partisan. He is criticized by both the left and the right. I know him personally. He has no ax to grind. He is fiercely non-partisan. He is simply doing his best to play his role as member of the press in a democratic society. He is not going away because serious people and organizations (charlie rose, charlie gibson, richard stengel, cspan, democratic and republican candidates for president, etc.) value his reporting and insights.

Anonymous said...

one more thing, don't be a playa hater. Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

Eric said...

Mark Halperin's primary concern is appeasing the right wing. He routinely brought up the right's criticism of the media as "liberal" and his correspondence with Hugh Hewitt and others following the release of his most recent book makes clear that his concern is more about what Rush Limbaugh thinks of him and not in reporting anything that matters to most Americans.