Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Some people

who can't possibly exist were privileged to wish John Kerry a happy birthday in person Monday afternoon.

Ask anyone. No one likes John Kerry. And yet the crafty fellow was able to dupe over 40 people into showing up from as far away as California, Nebraska, and Virginia to wish him well. I know because I was there too. How was it? Both he and Teresa were warm, humble, appreciative, and funny.

But that can't be true, because everyone knows John Kerry has no sense of humor.

In today's Kerry's news, his famed 3-million-address email list comes under Michael Scherer's microscope in Salon. Scherer offers this brilliant reasoning:
    "It wasn't on the power of John Kerry," explained one Democratic Internet strategist, who did not want to be identified while criticizing Kerry. "It was on the power of his e-mail list, and frankly, if he runs for president, I doubt that list will support him."
As if Kerry offered the only avenue for donations to democratic candidates? I'm here to tell you that my inbox was flooded with emails from democrats asking for donations. Kerry didn't raise all that money for democrats by accident. I gave through Kerry because I support him, and I'm guessing, so did pretty much everyone else who funneled donations through his PAC.

Speaking of which Salon article, they may well have seen their last dollar from me. I subscribe there to get an alternate point of view. I can see pundits trashing Kerry everywhere - for free, and I'm heartily sick of their copycat dismissive tone towards him.

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