Friday, December 22, 2006

Progressive talk in Boston: dead, dead, dead...

So, I get in my car at about 4pm yesterday, ready to listen to a little Big Ed, and what do I hear but spanish? Check out the (former) Boston Progressive Talk website.

You can't tell me that progressive talk doesn't have huge potential in Boston - if they have an audible signal and try doing a little advertising. I am really going to miss Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz. As for AAR, well I never warmed to any of their programming with the exceptions of Morning Sedition and Rachel Maddow. Cancelling Morning Sedition has to have been one of the most boneheaded radio moves in the history of the medium.

Elias is sad too. Where can we write or call to try to get this fixed? Seriously. Anyone have any ideas?

Oh, and put your tinfoil hats on for this: is it a coincidence that so many cities are losing their progressive talk outlets so soon after the November election, or is someone giving payback?

[UPDATE]: A friend at DU finds there's already a Yahoo! Group in place.

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