Sunday, December 10, 2006

Parade Magazine knows...democrats?

To follow up on the other day's disgusted Hillary 'n' Joe post, I stumbled across this little item in today's Parade Magazine Personality Parade (it won't be online until Tuesday, but here's the link.) Hand-transcribed:
    Q: How does the Democratic Party's takeover of the House and Senate affect Hillary Clinton's chances of getting the 2008 Presidential nomination? - Daniel O., Los Angeles, Calif.

    A: Judging by the large number of moderate and conservative Democrats who won last month, it looks like Senator Clinton and her party are headed in the same direction: toward the political center. (Another indication: Sen. Russ Feingold, a leading liberal, dropped out of the 2008 race.) Being on the same wavelength as her party should make it easier to secure the nomination.
I am no political strategist, as I've admitted many times before. (And I think Parade Magazine owes the public a similar disclaimer.) All I do know is that I have yet to meet a single democrat face to face who admits to being excited about a Hillary run for president, or, for that matter, about a Hillary presidency. The only people I see who are thrilled by the idea happen to be republican-leaning pundits.

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