Friday, December 01, 2006

Department of Karma's a Bitch

Alex Koppelman in the Salon War Room:
    Romney '08 over before it began?

    It's the return of the scandal that brought down Zoe Baird: A report in today's Boston Globe says outgoing Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has, for at least eight years, had illegal immigrants tending to the grounds of his Belmont, Mass., home. Romney was not their direct employer; he hired a service, Community Lawn Service With a Heart, that employed the workers in question.

    And yes, folks, there is another shoe to be dropped here -- despite his residence in one of the country's northernmost states, Romney has maintained a tough stance on illegal immigration. Think Progress has a list of some of his statements on the subject.

    The story seems to have Romney spooked. Questioned by a reporter, the Globe says, Romney said, "'Aw, geez,' and walked away."
I guess we were supposed to be so dazzled by the hair and the smile that we wouldn't notice?

[UPDATE]: Elias is a prophet.

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