Saturday, November 11, 2006

Poor Elias

is feeling a bit adrift now that he doesn't have lame-duck Mittens to kick around any more.
    More and more I think of Romney as the embodiment of his predecessors worst qualities...he had Weld's detachment and greed, Cellucci's craven opportunism and Swift's bumptious ineptitude.
So true.
    A couple of budget fights later and few too many churlish insults thrown at the State THAT MADE HIM and Mitt is headed for the wide open spaces of the Presidential Campaign Trial.

    I wish the GOP electorate the sheer joy of his icy condescending speechmaking skills.
So here's our new mission - should we choose to accept it (and I know you won't be able to resist, Elias): We who know him best hound his sorry ass from today until he gives up his quest to succeed W as the second most inept, disingenuous bully-boy ever to haunt the White House.

What do you say? It's our sacred duty to make sure our own MA albatross doesn't become the nation's.

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