Friday, November 10, 2006

pithy post-election analysis

Whiskey Fire, via Steve Gilliard.
    A lot has been said already about the '06 elections, and a lot more will be said. Most of this will be crap. So let me just be clear:

    The Republicans lost the '06 elections because they are crazy people with shitty policies that have all failed.

    Crucial to any analysis of yesterday's results must be the fact that they started a war based on bullshit, and then they quite literally made a bloody mess of it.

    Also, they're completely corrupt and incompetent, self-righteously religious, willing to gay bait and race bait, and generally all they do is tell lies and act like total weasels and whine about the phony bugbear of the "liberal media."

    Please alert Cokie Roberts.

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