Monday, November 20, 2006

Lieberman, party of

one two. Via Charlie Pierce:
    The political party formed by U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman after he lost the Democratic primary in August has a new chairman - and it's not Lieberman...

    ..."I'm just trying to get the ball rolling so the state will say if it is a legitimate party or not," Orman said yesterday.

    After losing the August primary to Ned Lamont of Greenwich, Lieberman and his supporters collected 7,500 signatures necessary for him to run as a petition candidate in the general election. He then got the support of 29 friends and relatives to establish the Connecticut for Lieberman Party - 25 people are necessary to form a new minor party...

    ...Orman, a registered Democrat, challenged the legitimacy of the Connecticut for Lieberman Party before the Elections Enforcement Commission in late August. Orman said the party was created for one man, its members had not changed their party registration, and it lacked a platform and the required rules for nominating candidates...
What one man can do, one man can undo??

Alex Koppelman talks with Orman over at the Salon War Room.

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