Friday, November 17, 2006

America, don't be like Brian McGrory.

who has allowed himself for the past four years to be used as a town crier to broadcast what a fine fellow this Mitt Romney is.
    Just about four years ago this week, I sat with Mitt Romney in the study of his palatial Belmont house, as the governor-elect explained to me that at the end of his term, he wanted to be viewed not as a budget slasher, but as someone who cared. He took pains to mention the state's homeless as a population he would never harm...

    ...But his machete also caught $410,000 in the Department of Transitional Assistance, better known as public welfare, specifically meant to fund about 333 additional beds for homeless people in the cold winter months.
Four years later, we sure as hell know what Mittens got out of the deal, but what was the payoff for McGrory?
    Every Democrat on Beacon Hill seems to think the governor is playing politics with this entire batch of cuts, trying to project an aura of rigid fiscal discipline on a national stage. [Why would they be saying such mean things about such a nice guy?]

    That may or may not be true, but I have a hard time believing the guy would so blatantly go back on his word. [I sat on his porch.]

    I have a hard time believing he even knows these homeless funds were cut. Once he learns, I think he'll put them back.

    Either I'm a fool, or our governor is a fraud.

    It would be nice if he corrected this mistake sometime today.
Let's state the obvious: McGrory may well be the only person left in the Commonwealth who believes Mitt will still come through for him. He is a fool. And Romney is a fraud.

America, don't be that guy.

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