Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'd be a lot more sanguine

about the democrats' chances of steering the ocean liner of state safely through the sea of icebergs we find ourselves on, if there was a lot less of this kind of rhetoric, and a lot more of this.

How can anyone in full command of their senses think that Bush is remotely interested in working with democrats to achieve anything but his own goals? - and by now we all can list those in our sleep. Let's just say they aren't goals most of us share with him.

I'll say this one more time for the benefit of Harry Reid and any other "centrist" (read: accommodationist) democrat who thinks the country is holding its breath in anticipation of one big kumbaya campfire of unity with Bush: Bush sees a willingness to compromise as weakness. After you lean over to shake his hand, he'll kick you in the ass.

We all realize this; why don't you? The american people voted the republicans out because they were unwilling to stand up to Bush. Why would you think they want to see the same behavior from you?

This is what leadership sounds like:
    The leaders of this administration have shown in recent days that they will say anything, do anything, twist any truth, and endanger our nation's character as one America in a desperate ploy to survive a mid term election...

    ...I believe we need national leadership capable of raising hopes and inspiring trust, not raising fears and demanding blind faith. We need to marshal all our resources -- military, diplomatic, economic, and moral -- and first and foremost always tell the truth to the American people.
Let's get on it, shall we?

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