Sunday, July 03, 2005


Passed along without comment as they say:
    BuzzFlash Note: The following comments were sent to us by someone who has direct access to a major television news network:

    "I have found out through my national television news sources that the PlameGate prosecutors have "informed" Karl Rove and his attorney that [they] are now seeking a "new inquiry" into just how Valerie Plame's name came to be leaked and "also" that whatever initial deal and/or deals were broached between their offices are now going to have to be put on hold!

    Also, Bob Novak is claiming that he was NOT told by Karl Rove, Valerie Plame's name!!!???!!! Of course this represents an interesting turn of events in this matter. This Sunday, news executives were scurrying about like chickens with their heads lopped off trying to figure out just "how to spin" this breaking major news story! Apparently, most of the network television news organizations were aware of Rove's involvement as late as Friday night but were told to put a "hold" on it?"

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