Sunday, July 03, 2005

Point of intersection

It seems quite likely Cooper and Miller really are in this jam for different reasons...more here.

But, the question remains: many journalists have testified in this case on a limited basis, so why are only Miller and Cooper being threatened with jail time? It's been reported that special prosecutor Fitzgerald knows who Miller talked to on July 6 (the day Wilson went public with his allegations that the administration ignored the fact on Niger). It's safe to assume that the interest of the special prosecutor in these two reporters stems from the fact that they both spoke with the same source - what they talked about is what Fitzgerald is trying to figure out. The only reason he would be threatening journalists with jail time is that for whatever reason, the exact content of the conversations each had with "the source" could mean a perjury rap if that source recounted events differently to the grand jury.

Wouldn't it be interesting, if, as Atrios speculates, Rove said something to Matt Cooper along the lines of: "Talk to Judy Miller."

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