Sunday, July 03, 2005

John Conyers: "This is a very big story."

John Conyers weighs in on Plamegate:
    In an effort to smear Wilson and intimidate and other prospective whistleblowers, high ranking Administration officials leaked, in violation of federal law, the name of Wilson's wife and the fact that she was a clandestine operative for the CIA. A grand jury has been impaneled to determine who the leaker or leakers are, and what legal actions should be taken against them. (One journalist is now saying that the leaker was Karl Rove.)

    But, as Mr. Marshall has been asking, what about the documents that purported to prove that Iraq was seeking to purchase uranium from Niger, and were later proven to be obvious forgeries? Who forged them, and whose request and why? Mr. Marshall may be closer to the answer. This paragraph caught my eye this morning:

    "I've gotten hints or suggestions from several sources over the last month that new information is bubbling to the surface, not about who leaked Valerie Plame's identity, but who was behind the underlying caper that started the whole drama afoot in the first place: those phoney Niger uranium documents."

    This is a very big story.

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