Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Under the radar: ANWR

According to a Times editorial, the Bush administration has asked Senate Republicans to insert a provision into the budget resolution opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to commercial drilling. Budget resolutions can't be filibustered so Republicans only need 51 votes to turn ANWR into a mess of pumps, oil pipelines and dirt roads.

Senators Kerry and Cantwell held a press conference earlier today to express their opposition to drilling but I can't seem to find a write-up online. However, Norm Coleman - wingnut Senator from Minnesota - told the Minneapolis Star Tribune today that he is opposed to opening up ANWR. Considering the current mess that is the budget process, it's not at all likely that Republicans will even be able to adopt a budget resolution this year. Still, we're going to need more than Coleman, Chafee and McCain to buck their party if we hope to defeat this thing.

Call your Senators!

...Kerry has a petition you sign opposing drilling in ANWR.

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