Thursday, March 03, 2005


Liberal Oasis worries about Republican-lite rhetoric coming from Dem presidential hopefuls (scroll up). In the case of Richardson, I think he was simply espousing Clintonomics as he understands it. In Hillary's case, I think we'll see - and should be prepared for - pretty opaque remarks concerning Iraq for the next four years. I can't see any situation, at the current time or even later, where it helps Hillary to put a lot of daylight between her and the President on the issue of Iraq. Remember, she voted for IWR and for the $87 billion. Best for her to travel to Iraq and Afghanistan, with her Senate collegues, and buff-up her foreign policy credentials if she even wants to get out of the starting gate in 2008.

...I might add that the domestic political battle over Iraq was won by the President and his winger allies to the extent that it did not sink the President's reelection. While it still may come back to bite the President in the ass, the Democrats are better off focusing on domestic social and security concerns if they hope to beat the Republicans in '06 and beyond.

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