Thursday, February 17, 2005

A warning from the MsM, via The Note

If The Note represents anything close to the thinking of the mainstream political press - Howard Dean beware. Over the last four days, The Note has referred to Dean thusly:
    As Dean moves to make changes at the DNC, it is clear he should recognize that the existing structure was clearly not working, but he would be wise to move in a cautious, gradual way.

    Howard Dean hasn't screwed anything up yet, but hey, he's only been in the job for three days.

    The buy [by the Republican Jewish Coalition] is small enough so that it won't distract the Dean transition train, but it will certainly get pick-up (like in The Note!!!), and it will remind some Democrats who are nervous about Dean why they are nervous about Dean.

    Rumors that all the doors were going to be removed [from DNC headquarters] and replaced with beaded curtains have proven false — possibly because the shag carpet installation is taking longer than expected.

    He smartly is staying off of TV for awhile, even now that he is chair.
The Note may or may not think of Dean and the DNC as one big fat joke, but what is clear is that the minute some scandal - real or imagined - engulfs Dean, The Note and their friends in the political press will seize on the news as proof of what "nervous" Democrats were so afraid of.

If you're a Democrat nervous at Chairman Dean's prospects, keep your trap shut. For the rest of us: Can any of you honestly imagine The Note's attitude being taken with, say, Ken Mehlman?

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