Thursday, February 17, 2005

fun with the ipod shuffle

Listen to what turned up in the shuffle during this morning's commute, and you can even download it and other amusing Short Shelf Life Songs for free!
    John Ashcroft and 'The Spirit of Justice'
    By Tom Paxton
    (From an idea furnished by Anne Hills)

    Most of you know the story by now. A statue of 'The Spirit of Justice' has stood for decades in the Justice Department and a long line of Attorneys General have stood before it when addresing the press. John Ashcroft, whose sensibilities are never offended by the news of another execution, was, however, upset at the sight of a marble breast peeking out from the statue's robe and caused a blue curtain to conceal it. It's still back there, though.
Ah, those wacky first term hijinks...

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