Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sliming the AARP

This is the reward you can expect for cooperating with the * administration agenda: slime without end. All middle-of-the-roaders (Holy Joe?) should be keeping this in mind as they try - with utter futility - to find middle ground. Compromise with the *ies?? Please. They intend to force everyone who disagrees with their agenda off the road and over a cliff.

As Ellis Henican writes in today's Newsday,

Bash-the-AARP effort off to a smarmy start
    It's like a Washington sequel to "Reservoir Dogs."

    Finally rested up from their cynical assault last year on John Kerry's patriotism, the most ruthless smear squad in American politics is back together again.

    And they're revving up for another nasty job.

    Their latest ugly enterprise? Sliming the AARP, which had the nerve to come out against President Bush's plan to privatize Social Security.


    And lurking in the shadows nearby, ready to rush out any late-breaking anti-AARP books, is the hard-right print shop known as Regnery Publishing. These are the ruthless knife-twisters who published the hateful anti-Kerry screed, "Unfit for Command."

    Keep a jaundiced eye out for "Unfit to Get Old."

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