Friday, June 27, 2008

Mittens, Mittens, Mittens...

Still Mr. Integrity, I see, ever willing to prostitute himself in pursuit of higher ambitions.

For the media impaired, here's what happened:
    Let’s unpack this a bit. Romney, a leading McCain campaign surrogate, wants to argue that Obama hasn’t worked with Republicans on “controversial” issues of significance. When confronted with evidence of Obama working with Republicans on non-proliferation and energy policy, Romney says those issues don’t count, because they’re “liberal,” and Obama should work with Republicans on “conservative” issues.

    Now, I know — from personal experience — that it’s easy to slip up on television and say something stupid. Your mouth gets ahead of your mind, and you end up in a bad place.

    But that’s what made this especially amusing. CNN’s John Roberts offers Romney a way out: “Wait a minute. Aren’t Republicans pushing for nonproliferation too?”

    I expected Romney to realize his error, and clarify what he meant, maybe with something like, “Of course Republicans care about nonproliferation.” But not this guy.

    Romney actually believes that the right doesn’t care about stopping the spread of weapons stockpiles and promoting fuel efficiency.

    That’s not my argument; that’s his argument...
With cyborgs surrogates like Romney, who needs an opponent?

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