Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Howie Carr lampoons self

Deathless line from today's column (emphasis is mine):
    Fall River, Chicopee, Haverhill, Lynn, Fitchburg - not a single one of those sweaty cities has any windsurfing worth a damn, not to mention a Ducati motorcycle dealer, damn, but Liveshot is going to spend the next three months pressing the flesh in those wretched burgs, searching in vain for a proper nouvelle cuisine brassiere while enduring the foul breath of the plebeians...
Apparently I've fallen behind on the lingo. What's cuisine brassiere? The jokes write themselves, don't they?

On to more substantive matters. Howie's fevered loathing of John Kerry has led him to give air time to Kerry challenger Ed O'Reilly. Does that make O'Reilly the wingnut's choice? Carr:
    I’m sure O’Reilly is nowhere in the polls right now, but this is a perfect opportunity for mischief - this could become a Massachusetts version of Operation Chaos, the meddling of local Republicans in a Democratic primary, the way Rush Limbaugh tried to keep Hillary Clinton alive through April and May.
Great. Just what we need. But don't take my word for it, listen to the podcast for yourself, and count the right wing talking points as they ooze out of O'Reilly's mouth. The segment is rife with Howie's chortles of glee; doesn't it seem like a progressive democrat might hesitate to throw their lot in with the likes of Carr?

By the way, people who are just now wandering into the narrative of this race might do well to check out some of the relevant posts over at Blue Mass Group. The reasons why some of O'Reilly's supporters, including his erstwhile campaign coordinator Peter Vickery have defected to Kerry can be found here and here and here and here.

If Ed O'Reilly wants to welcome support from MA's own Rush Limbaugh, that's his choice, but how does he do that and call himself a progressive democrat? And how do self-identified progressive democrats justify supporting him?

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