Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm guilty of this too.

One of the most insidious dangers of watching the talking head shows is the way they make you complicit in their premise.

I admit I've been seduced back into watching Hardball - against my better judgment - but tonight's show brought me up short. In order to watch Hardball you have to accept Pat Buchanan as crazy bigoted old Uncle Pat, your occasionally lucid but kind of embarrassing relative. He's always at the table, and he always has plenty to say, and it's considered rude to call him out.
When you make Chris Matthews that uncomfortable, you've lunged way over the line. Why is Pat Buchanan always welcome to sit at the MSNBC table? To quote Jed,
    When is MSNBC going to fire this guy?

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reddog said...

MSNBC is a highbrow, white, liberal organization. They like to present other points of view in a negatively skewed manner. Thus you often see conservatives represented by Pat Buchanan. It's really a twofer because on the one hand he seems personally archaic and out of touch but not so much that he doesn't have the sense to make fun of the craziness of current Republican leaders and the Bush administration. They do a very similar thing by frequently using Al Sharpton to represent the mainstream African American viewpoint.

Fox uses Alan Colmes and Juan Williams to represent the liberal viewpoint in a similarly unfavorable light.