Saturday, April 19, 2008

A thousand apologies

to my (two or three, at least) readers for the long gap between posts. I won't insult you with lame excuses, but I've been on vacation for a week of that time, and as for the rest, well, as I said this morning in an email to a friend, this election has made me spend a fair amount of time pondering the relevance of blogs. I used to read them with such enjoyment, but lately not so much. I hardly ever visit the large ones anymore - for me it's mostly Al Giordano and Salon. So much of what is written is either kneejerk emotionalism, or just plain boring. And the self-imposed mandate to be original and interesting is a very effective form of self-censorship.

A note as well to two very original thinkers whose writing I have been enjoying a lot, even as I disagree with a lot of what they say: Andrew Sullivan and Camille Paglia.

At least they are never boring.

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