Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thank you, Ed Schultz!

In response to the accusation leveled ad nauseam at Barack Obama that he is "unable to close the deal" with working class voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania, Ed Schultz just gave the response that I've been dying to hear, in conversation with the hideously perky Terry McAuliffe:
    "It's because the Clintons have a twelve-year head start in name recognition and local politics."
Bless you, Ed, for your sheer common sense.


mbk said...

"hideously perky"LOL : ) and right on the mark.
And Ed's comment is right on, too. Maybe it's time to point out to people that it's a sign of the strength of the Obama campaign, and of the weaknesses of HRC's campaign, and , above all, of people's desire for change, that Obama has done as well as he has. But I'll feel much easier once he's really, truly sent HRC's campaign away, far away.

Diane said...

It's been really frustrating to me how many commentators/surrogates/party officials have failed to mention this fairly obvious point. The Clintons are nothing if not center-screen on the radar of everyone in the country, no matter how little conscious attention they might pay to politics. The fact that Obama has managed to accomplish what he has accomplished in spite of that fact is nothing short of miraculous. I wish more people would give him credit for that.