Thursday, March 06, 2008


We hate to interrupt the Clintonian Resurrection Festival, but Guess What? Obama Is Winning Texas.
    Why is the media in such a rush to declare a winner?

    If we can wait 24 hours to find out who is going home on "American Idol," certainly we can wait much longer to get accurate election data.

    And if reporters cannot properly calculate the delegate assignments, shouldn’t they wait until the party officials provide the correct count?

    Our form of government depends on three principles: adherence to the Constitution as the highest authority in the land; the informed consent of the governed; and an accurate count of the votes cast by the governed. Rushing to judgment in an election is not just careless, it threatens the very foundations of our Democracy.

    More immediately, the media’s haste is threatening the Democrats’ chances of winning in November by prolonging an increasingly bitter contest, even though one candidate (Obama) maintains a nearly unsurpassable lead in delegates.
I'd also like to point out that MSNBC called Ohio for Clinton not ten minutes after Chuck Todd pointed out that the results from Obama stronghold Cleveland would not be known until 4:30am. I guess the on-air talent needs its beauty sleep.


Anonymous said...

The article you link to explains what we already know. There's a popular vote in which everybody gets to vote throughout the day, and then there is an evening "caucus" meetup where only people who can show up at that designated place and time can vote. Obama won that second vote.

Don't try to pretend that if Hillary had won the caucus and Obama the popular vote you wouldn't be crying bloody murder about how unfair and undemocratic that is. Get a grip and try to at least be rational and fair.

Hillary is not the devil. You needn't gouge out your eyes to prove a point. Everything will be fine no matter which candidate wins. Onward!

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the comment above. I think the new young blood and formerly disenchanted activists will return to their former lives and not join the fall campaign if they feel hillary won by some devious means. If she really gets the delegates - not votes, delegates, because that's how we play the game in the party, then she's the nominee. Most of us will suck it up because hey, the alternative is worse. But a good portion of the excitement and party participation will die out.

In addition, the Clinton/DLC wing of the party has been trying to remove Howard Dean and his 50 state strategy because it does exactly this - gives more power to more people at lower levels, making it harder for them to control their perceived kingdom. I think the worst thing our party could do is hand the reins back to a past that lost us our Democratic congress, taking them out of the hands of the guy who helped us regain it.