Friday, January 25, 2008

Staggered by cognitive dissonance:

Hearing Joe Scarborough speak, and wanting to stand up and cheer???

Is the Clinton backlash becoming a tidal wave? I don't know about the voters, but according to Al Giordano,
    ...the getting-all-mean-and-then-backing-down act that has been scripted in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and, now, South Carolina has begun to wear thin among many Democratic party faithful and others...

    ...One time might constitute getting “carried away.” Twice, a pattern. Three times, a tactic. Four times, a strategy. And part of the strategy is to then back off and appear to play fair again. But watch the same cycle occur next week between South Carolina’s results on Saturday and the February 5 Tsunami Tuesday contests.

    This time, though, the backlash is palpable, not just from Obama supporters (who will still be around after the nomination is settled, whichever way it goes) but from an interesting cross-section of high profile Democrats, media figures and editorial boards, not to mention members of the general public...
Al then goes on to cite a pretty staggering array of evidence to back this up, from John Kerry, Robert Reich, and many others.

One of the CW chestnuts that has been pretty much buried this year is the Momentum Theory: s/he who catapults out of the early states with a win will steamroll the competition straight into the nomination. I'm secretly hoping that this will put an end the ridiculous canard that John Kerry was a bad candidate, and that no one liked him. Not betting the farm on it, though.


mbk said...

scary to be in agreement with someone like Scarborough, isn't it? But I am, too.

The divisive Clinton games have been lower than low, damaging to the Democratic Party and the country, and to themselves.

Anonymous said...

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