Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bill Clinton's King Lear moment

Barry Crimmins, via Al Giordano:
    ...Bill Clinton carried on as if he were some sort of mythologically displaced king, winding his way back to his rightful throne. This despite a growing and obvious awareness that he’d destroyed any sort of feminist argument for his wife’s campaign by making that campaign about himself. His consistent presence at center stage has immolated his wife’s electoral firewall. Many women (and men) were disgusted when she stood by him as he repeatedly humiliated her in the past but they’d put it aside in hopes of electing the first woman president. Now that he’s made it clear that his wife’s campaign must first and foremost appease his massive ego, more and more sisters are slipping out of the flaps of the tent to walk through the curtains of the voting booth to vote for a brother. No doubt about it, I am woman, hear my husband roar is two syllables too long…

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