Monday, December 17, 2007

Request from the Daily Brew via email

Reprinted in full:
The Daily Brew
December 14, 2007
Grassroots Activism Month

Instead of writing a long post about the FISA debate and why Chris Dodd
deserves to be our party’s nominee for President, I have decided to
spend the next month trying to make some noise with a simple suggestion
for my fellow members of the Constitution Loving Civil Libertarian Wing
of the Democratic Party.

Let’s begin a grassroots campaign to replace majority leader Harry
Reid with Russ Feingold.

I won’t go into a long explanation of why I think this would solve
many of our problems with Bush’s Unitary Executive and his enablers
in the Senate. Instead, I am going to see if you, my loyal
correspondents, can do it for me.

If you share my belief that it would be a good idea to replace majority
leader Harry Reid with Russ Feingold, please write a concise,
impassioned paragraph explaining why.

If you have any good suggestions as to how to bring pressure on the
Democrats in the Senate to replace majority leader Harry Reid with Russ
Feingold, please write a separate concise paragraph explaining your

Hopefully, the response will be overwhelming. However, even if only a
few people write back, I will begin sending a follow up emails that
contain your impassioned paragraphs and strategic suggestions, so that
we can collectively use the daily brew mailing list to forward them to
everyone, everywhere.

The Daily Brew is an editorial/opinion column delivered to a select
group of political junkies who occasionally forward them along.

If someone sent you this, you should consider it an invitation to join,
and sign up to receive future editions by entering your email address

I'm having my doubts these days about the virtues of online activism, but frustration reigns supreme. What do you think? Is it remotely possible we could make this happen? Should we try and make this happen??

By the way, if you missed Chris Dodd's speech today, it's a must see.

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