Thursday, December 27, 2007

Carville's New Year Resolution

    Here's a New Years Resolution for you -- let's resolve to run a certain b-rate cowboy and all of his rubber stamp friends in Congress right out of Washington and introduce them to the joys of retirement.
The umpteenth DCCC email arrives from James Carville this morning. This is what I wrote back to them:
    I'd just like to let you know that there is no surer route to my trash folder than an email from James Carville asking me for money.

    Do you think I am an idiot? Do you think I've forgotten his undercutting of John Kerry's campaign, his snarky tv appearances on Kerry's "behalf" in 2004? His warnings to his Cheney-loving wife on election night about the Kerry strategy on Ohio?

    I will never contribute a penny to the DCCC on an appeal from Carville. Ever. And every request that comes from him makes it that much less likely you'll ever get any money from me again. Each email just reminds me of what a terrible job the Democrats did supporting Kerry throughout the 2004 campaign, with the exception of the individual efforts of Howard Dean and Wes Clark.

    People like Carville led us directly to four more years of Bush. A pox on him and his ilk.
I want to see more democrats in congress, too. What makes them think Carville (or Begala - or Donna Brazile) is their vehicle for getting them there? If you agree with me, let them know.

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