Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bush vetoes health care for poor kids

John Kerry:
    “Today with a single stroke of his veto pen, President Bush single-handedly jeopardized health care for millions of poor children,” Kerry said.

    “The President’s twisted rationale that he opposes ‘federalizing’ health care is a hollow excuse for undermining a successful effort to give Governors the control and the tools to deliver health care for kids who desperately need it. President Bush conveniently forgot that he ran for reelection with a promise to give health care to millions more children and now as a lame duck president he is working to take it away. It seems George Bush was for kids’ health care before he was against it. An overwhelming majority in Congress will fight to keep our promises to America’s children, and we will work to override this cynical, callous veto.”
And while I'm on the subject of my favorite-by-far senator, here's video of his speech Monday at Faneuil Hall in Boston, at which I was privileged to be present. He also took the time afterwards to personally greet bloggers and answer a couple of questions.

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