Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Say what you will

about the inevitability of a Hillary Clinton nomination, items like this only reinforce my belief that if you are in the market for a president who believes in government transparency, you ought to be looking elsewhere.

I also continue to be less than impressed with the way her campaign's credibility needs to be shored up by her husband's. Piss Hillary off? No plane trip with Bill for you!

Stand on your own two feet, dammit.


mbk said...

horrifying, and horrifyingly unsurprising.

(hope this isn't a duplicate. . I've tried three times to post, and it still hasn't "taken". . )

생계란 said...

I'm not sure that this says anything about government transparency, but it is handling her public image. Also, I disagree that this shows she's unable to handle her own matters. What I see is someone using what resources they have to get the job done. Would anyone bat an eye if the situation were reversed for them?

생계란 said...

oh, and it's Mantisbot:p