Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Katie Couric

Happy to drink the Cool-Aid.

And now we can all look forward to the glorious spectacle of Democrats and Republicans competing to see who can come up with a policy to guarantee the death of even more Americans for a war we should have never started.

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mbk said...

I just watched last week's Bill Moyers (I think it aired on August 29, perhaps a repeat?), titled "Buying the War" . . .which talked about the ways in which Bushco sold their case: the coordinated push of their message through talk shows, complicit reporters (think Judith Miller and the astonishingly, criminally cooperative White House press corps),etc. Dan Rather was interviewed at length about the pressures on network reporters, not just from the White House, but from management, to refrain from anything that could be perceived as "unpatriotic". As Dan said, network management's fiats were based on their perception of what was good for business . Nauseating. The show was also chilling--quietly documenting how the White House started their PUBLIC Hussein-Al Quaeda fable as soon as TWO DAYS aafter 9/11. Anyway, seeing this story about Katie suggests that the reporters have learned nothing in the interim.. At least Dan seethed at these pressures in private. From what I can tell, Katie has bought into this nonsense (or into the playacting) hook, line and sinker. Disgusting.