Thursday, September 27, 2007


I agree with Diane about Penn and Shoen. I remember quite well the days when Penn worked for old Joementum.

Furthermore, Hillary's centrist outlook is easily my biggest fear - not only if she becomes president, but also as the primaries get close and the race gets inevitably tighter. Still, Lieberman was a boob and...well...if we started judging candidates by who their advisors once worked for...I shudder to think.

Unfortunately, what hurts Greenwald's argument about Schoen actually isn't far off. Sure its favorable, but Hillary is, afterall, ahead, so any accurate analysis of the polling would have to reflect that. Of course one needn't think that far back to realize that fall polling means nothing come January. But Schoen is clearly talking about the dynamics of the race today and while Greenwald is right to point out Schoen's ties to Hillary, I don't think the analysis of the race, particularly Schoen's criticisms of the tepid Obama campaign, is deserving of the criticism.

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