Monday, August 27, 2007

To the Obama campaign

2008 will be no different then any Presidential election I remember - with the exception of Reagan over Mondale in '84. The popular vote difference will be around 5% or less.

It doesn't matter how you win, it matters how you govern. No candidate is going to "unify" the country behind their election as President. But once they're there, they could very well unify the country by working their tails off to better it.


Anonymous said...

I heartily agree with your last two sentences: "No candidate is going to unify.. . . working their tails off to better the country>"

But, still, it does matter how you win. That's something the Clinton people would do well to ponder, as they pander.


ps I'd appreciate someone telling me how I can set up an account

mbk said...

PS, Thanks, Eric, for earlier tip (which I just read). I've finally got the idea.Thanks again.