Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stop talking about al-Maliki

What Scarecrow says. Hillary, Levin and all the rest of you....STFU.
    Putting pressure on al Maliki to be replaced won’t make the problem of withdrawing US forces any easier for the next President to solve. The central government hunkered down in the Green Zone is increasingly irrelevant, with provinces and major cities becoming their own regional bastions for tribal warlords and contending militias. A new prime minister is not likely to change this, so Democrats should stop asking for something that helps neither Iraq nor the next US President but which would give the Democrats ownership of a strategy that doesn’t help.

    There is a final, compelling reason for Democrats to stop focusing on al Maliki. The reason the US occupation of Iraq is proving impossible to end is not because al Maliki is a weak or ineffective Prime Minister but because George Bush and Dick Cheney have created a disastrous, warmongering Administration that has a stranglehold on the entire military and national security structure and cowed enough Democrats into allowing Bush/Cheney to do as they please. If the Democrats want to rid America of dangerous and incompetent executives whose decisions are keeping us bogged down in the Iraq quagmire while endangering US security and the safety of US forces, they should focus on cleaning out the White House, because that’s the source of all the problems we’re having.

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