Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rove's right

These guys out in LA need to get a clue. The strongest Republican attack in the Democratic primary last time around came against Howard Dean, complete with statements from Rove and others that they were looking forward to Dean being the nominee and had already started to prepare for it. Despite what they might have said at Harvard after the election, they played zero roll in helping Kerry win the primary.


Anonymous said...

Boy, Rovian Matthew Dowd was way off base in his assessment, and it's disappointing that the LA Times seems to hve bought the garbage. I agree with you completely that they played zero role in Kerry's primary win.

Ridiculous article.

(PS I'm happy to use a name here, but your n ew system seems to make that impossible)

Eric said...

I think you can click 'other' below the comment box and simply type a name. At least it's letting me and I'm not currently signed in...