Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Greg Palast

    “This voter fraud thing is the bogey man,” says Iglesias.

    In New Mexico, the 2004 announcement of Iglesias’ pending prosecution of voters (which he ultimately refused to do) put the chill on the turnout of Hispanic citizens already harassed by officialdom. The bogus “vote fraud” hysteria helped sell New Mexico’s legislature on the Republican plan to require citizenship IDs to vote - all to stop “fraudulent” voters that simply don’t exist.

    The voter witch-hunt worked. “Wrong” or “insufficient” ID was used to knock out the civil rights of over a quarter million voters in 2004. In New Mexico, that was enough to swing the state George Bush by a mere 5,900 votes.**

    So what is most frightening is not the resignation of Alberto Gonzales, the Pinocchio of prosecutorial misconduct, but the resignation of Karl Rove. Because New Mexico 2004 was just the testing ground for the roll-out of the “ID” attack planned for 2008.

    And Rove who three decades ago cut his political fangs as chief of the Nixon Youth, is ready to roll. To say Rove left his White House job under a cloud is nonsense. He just went into free-agent status, an electoral hitman ready to jump on the next GOP nominee’s black-ops squad. The fact that Rove’s venomous assistant, Tim Griffin, was set up to work for the campaign Fred Thompson, is a sign that the Lord Voldemort of vote suppression is preparing to practice his Dark Arts in ‘08.

    It was Rove who convinced Bush to fire upright prosecutors and replace them with Rove-bots ready to strike out at fraudulent (i.e. Democratic) voters...
This has the ring of truth. 2008 democratic presidential candidates and the democratic party ignore it at their (and our) peril.

**Note to Bill Richardson - where the hell were you? Given what happened in your state on your watch, why should any democrat support your bid for the presidency?


mbk said...

Thanks for link to Palast article, and for your concluding question.
This is important stuff.

Marjorie said...

A disingenuous Richardson is claiming the voting integrity mantle, because he came kicking and screaming to paper ballots with scanners from touchscreens. Reducing the undervotes by 85% for Native Americans and 69% for Hispanic language (due to a touchscreen programming vulnerability to undervote according to language).

He was hardly heroic in 2004 for many reasons.