Sunday, May 13, 2007

Obama on This Week

Watched the second half of Obama's interview this morning with George S. Oddly, he seems weak and unsure of himself when he's asked about policy. He still seems to think the inability of the federal government to address pressing domestic policy concerns over the last few years is because of ideologues in both parties unwilling to compromise - when everyone knows it's been Bush's way or the highway since January 2001. Either his answers are sort of this general "let's all come together" rhetoric or they are simply bland boiler plate.

Still, he is impressively down to earth, smart and articulate and refreshingly free from sounding like he's reading from talking points. I just wish he could be a bit more forceful about detailing what's at stake and what two terms of the Bush administration has meant to most Americans. In fact, Steph even asked him at one point if he was consciously playing up his 'cool' because of concerns that passionate/angry black man doesn't go over well. One wonders if his advisers share the same concern and if they're watering down their candidate in the hopes that they can convince greater numbers of Americans that he could be president.

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