Friday, March 23, 2007

Sorry for the pathetic showing lately.

Been wrestling with the new google blogger and publishing errors, so far unsuccessfully. But I wanted to say two quick things.

First, heartfelt best wishes to Elizabeth and John Edwards and their family. I do hope she knows how many people out here are pulling for everything to go well for her.

Second, thanks, Joe Conason, for declaring in unambiguous declarative sentences that Karl Rove is a big fat liar, and that no one in a state of rationality would give credence to a single thing he says. On any subject, let alone one as dear to his slimy heart as the Bush 43 presidency.

The US Attorney firing scandal is starting to look like a runaway mudball, gathering force and picking up more muck as it speeds through the landscape.

  • NH phone jamming scandal? Check. (Okay, maybe Tobin walks, and that would be a real shame. But it's also clear to anyone with a functioning brain what happened here)
  • Helping out Big Tobacco? Check.
  • Stealing elections? Check.
  • The FBI wants to look at your phone records (and gets to)? Check.
  • And there is more: "Scenes From a Hijacking: Today at the Senate, plus all the Justice Department scandals you aren't hearing about."

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