Friday, March 09, 2007

News to me.

What is Marty Peretz's problem with Deval Patrick? His over-the-top display of schadenfreudish glee is unseemly, to say the least. But this line is what really caught my eye:
The mandate of heaven seems to have fallen from Deval Patrick. At least that's what the Globe reported on Thursday: "Missteps test faith of Patrick devotees." Now, these are real devotees, and they are really reeling. Patrick ran a populist campaign, and that's why he defeated the dumb and remote Republican swell who was his opponent...and why he won so handily.

Um, wrong, Marty. He won handily because he represented a real change, and for me and everyone I know, that meant there would be a big learning curve, which we were all prepared to accept.

The Boston Globe may be having a whale of a time pointing out Patrick's recent missteps, but they sure as hell don't speak for the general populace.

Show of hands: anyone out there wish they had voted for Kerry Healey instead? No, I didn't think so.

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