Wednesday, February 28, 2007


  • One deep-pocketed Bush donor looking forward to a few cushy years in Belgium.
  • One late (October, 2004) $50,000 donation to the Swift Boat Veterans for Lying Their Asses Off
  • One ex-prosecutor with a serious axe to grind
  • One Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee with a chairman willing to let it all play out

Revenge can be sweet, but the sweetness of this particular moment had less to do with revenge and more to do with calling someone who had personal responsibility to account for the way facts were ignored during the 2004 presidential campaign in favor of politically expedient lies.
Kerry: So, again, I ask you the question, do you think now that you and others bear responsibility for thinking about where we put money in American politics? What we're saying, what we present to the American people -- is truth important or isn’t it?

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